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Only prompt for reboot when necessary


DumpConfigurator prompts for a reboot even when no change has been made. For example, run DumpConfigurator.hta and without doing anything else, click Save Settings, and you'll see the prompt below telling you to reboot. "Auto Config Complete", "Auto Config Kernel" and "Save Settings" buttons all call the SaveSettings subroutine starting on line 920 which does no validation around the actual need for a reboot, it prompts to reboot always.


Saved Dump Settings...

Your Settings have been saved.
The target system must be rebooted before

any changes will take effect.


In production environments where reboots must be scheduled it would be helpful if it only prompts to reboot if a change was made that requires a reboot.
Having to schedule reboots when one is not needed can drag out time to resolution.
Or, if people assume a reboot isn't needed when one is needed (because currently it prompts to reboot no matter what), then a dump won't be captured and that will also drag out time to resolution.